Flannel Bale

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Flannels and Muslin Face Cloths for Oil Cleansing

Oil cleansing or hot cloth cleansing is the revolutionary new way to cleanse, exfoliate and remove make up, even waterproof mascara.

Pack includes:

    5 x 500gsm white face flannels (100% Cotton)
    5 x two ply muslin face cloths (100% Cotton)
    Information and instructions
    Branded Cotton Drawstring Bag

Flannels and muslins are both fine for oil cleansing. Muslins offer extra exfoliation and dry quickly, flannels create more steam.

It is best to use a clean flannel every time you cleanse, so you need a good supply of cloths to see you through until wash day. If you do need to reuse cloths, dry between uses. Don't leave a cloth in a soggy heap, bacteria will make it a home.

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