Stretch mark cream

See our advice below, or keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips. Samples are also available as an option on most products.

Lyonsleaf recommend Calendula and Marshmallow Balm as safe and effective stretch mark prevention cream. It is fragrance free and preservative free, in fact free from all artificial chemicals - 100% natural and 96% Organic - suitable for the most sensitive skin. The combination of Calendula and Marshmallow improves elasticity and strengthens skin effectively.

We also recommend our unscented facial oil which have a very high quantity of marshmallow extract (the key to preventing stretch marks) and these products are also vegan unlike the balm. The scented facial oil (not shown in this category) is safe to use during pregnancy, but we think if you are using it frequently and every day on a large area of skin it is better to choose products without essential oils.

Although it is said that calendula improves scars, we do not believe it is possible to remove existing stretch marks, but a product that improves skins elasticity during pregnancy will inevitably result in the prevention of stretch marks.

This stretch mark cream is also suitable for any dry, cracked or irritated skin. It is also great for sore nipples - no need to wash off before feeding baby. It makes an effective hand cream, repairing the most hardworking hands, and is gentle and safe, perfect for eczema prone skin, sensitive types and infants. 

Please note: regarding baby skin care, products are not recommended for use on babies under four weeks unless there a medical reason is present, this is because the outer layer of their skin will not be properly formed. This product is certified as a cosmetic product and therefore is not deemed suitable for babies under four weeks. Always do a patch test