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Skin care for cancer patients

Many cancer organisations now recommend cancer patients use natural and organic products, on that basis all of our skin care products are suitable for cancer patients.

We do hear from customers who use our products to calm and hydrate skin during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy so below are the products we recommend for this.

PLEASE NOTE: Because there are no preservatives in any of our products, any bacteria that gets into the jar will not be killed. We do not recommend using any of our products on broken skin if you have a compromised immune system. There is a very real danger of infection. 

Below is our advice on which product to choose, but you can also keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips.

Skin care for use during and after chemotherapy or radio therapy

At first we got great feedback from customers using our original Calendula Cream. Since then we have developed our Calendula and Marshmallow Balm which has additional marshmallow root to turbo charge hydration of very, very dry skin and this is the product we now recommend.

Having said that, everyone is different and you may want to purchase the 3 calendula product samples to see which you prefer. The Zinc and Calendula Cream is included in this set, it can also be helpful to protect fragile skin when bathing or washing up and has a very cooling effect on the skin.

Zinc and Calendula Cream
Calendula and Marshmallow Balm
Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream


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