Creams for perioral dermatitis prone skin

The products below are particularly recommended for skin prone to perioral dermatitis (always do a patch test to be sure they are suitable for you). 

Below is our advice, but you can also keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips.

Using Lyonsleaf products for perioral dermatitis prone skin

Everyone is different and you will have to find the regime that works best for you, but we definitely hear the best results from customers using using the Beauty Balm to cleanse (using the oil cleansing method) in place of soap or other cleansers and then using Zinc and Calendula Cream as required on the affected area. Some people use the Zinc and Calendula Cream every day, some twice a day or more, others just use it occasionally.

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We would suggest starting with a routine of cleansing twice a day with the Beauty Balm, and applying the Zinc and Calendula Cream sparingly to the affected area afterwards. The Beauty Balm can be used to moisturise other areas after cleansing. It seems the Zinc and Calendula Cream reduces sebum production slightly, consequently some people find it a little too drying, in which case usage should be reduced or stopped - remember to use it sparingly, zinc oxide is a white powder and the cream is white, if you can see the whiteness of the cream on your skin then you have used too much!

For mild perioral dermatitis the original Calendula Cream (orange label) or the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm may be used in place of the Zinc and Calendula Cream. Some customers like to alternate using either of these products with the Zinc and Calendula Cream, to achieve the calming affect with less dryness. The original Calendula Cream is fragranced and whipped to a lighter consistency, whilst the Calendula and Marshmallow Balm is unfragranced and feels a little more like an ointment. Marshmallow is very softening so some people like how it makes the skin feel. We do sell sample products so you can try before you commit to big pots.

We encourage customers to leave customer reviews explaining how they have used our products and with what success. Customers can then use the keyword search facility in our customer review section to get ideas and advice on how to use the products for themselves. Everyone is different and we stress that each individual has to find the right products and the right regime to suit their own skin. We give £3 to charity every time we receive a review.

We also advise that a cream alone is never the answer. For more advice see our Natural Perioral Dermatitis Treatment page.

Zinc and Calendula Cream
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Beauty Balm


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Flannel Bale


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