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Beauty Balm
" LOVE this! It leaves my skin feeling so soft and it's such a pleasure to use. I thought I was happy with what I was using before but wanted to give this a try after reading the reviews. So glad I did. I also use it on dry lips. Have reordered and will be using this instead of my previous cleanser. Please give it a try I am sure you won't regret it. "
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Oil Based Moisturiser

Moisturising with Natural Oils

Natural oils are made up of natural fatty acids which repair and strengthen the outer, protective layer of your epidermis, the stratum corneum. This is the very structure that keeps moisture in your skin, and it does so with a lipid rich cement. The fatty acids in natural oils are the very same elements used by your skin in this cement and they are readily accepted. They will repair microscopic cracks which allow the excessive moisture loss that leads to dry skin and premature aging. Cracks also allow invasion by pathogens which leads to spots and infections. Even oily skin can be affected in this way.

Natural oils will not prevent the skin from performing it's essential functions like synthetic emollients (made from petrochemicals). Natural fatty acids will still let your skin 'breathe' allowing, for example, regulated moisture loss vital for temperature control.

Most mainstream moisturisers use some natural oils (and often some synthetic), but they mix them with water to make a convenient emulsion. These products absorb easily which is nice for the consumer and are cheap to produce, which is nice for the manufacturer.


Water Free Moisturisers

Our oil based moisturiser products like our Body Butter and Beauty Balm are remarkably well absorbed. By choosing just the right oils we have crafted water-free products that absorb and glide on to the skin just like a cream.

You do have to make some adjustment in your routine. Water-free means you need only use very sparingly. You are buying 100% active ingredients - Most creams and lotions contain 70-80% water. You will need to get used to using 70-80% less of our product every time. Not only will your skin love you, your bank manager will too.

Water free moisturisers are best used after a bath or shower. You may find you only need to use once every 24 hours as they hydrate so effectively.


Moisturiser for Oily Skin

Many people with oily skin avoid putting oil on it, focusing instead on harsh cleansing in an effort to strip away the excess sebum. This damages the stratum corneum allowing that moisture loss and invasion by pathogens. Over cleansing can also can exacerbate the problem of oily skin as the skin desperately tries to replace the lost oils and has a tendency to over-compensate and produce even more sebum.

Moisturising using non-comedogenic (non pore blocking) oils and helping the skin balance it's own sebum production is actually just as important as cleansing in the treatment of acne and management of oily skin.

We focus on non-comedogenic oils in all our formulations and use sebum balancing essential oils such as Palmarosa, Geranium and Clary Sage.


Chemical Free Moisturising

Many brands claim, fragrance free or free from artificial colour even paraben free. But the only way to be completely chemical free is to ditch the water and use an oil based moisturiser.


When you put water into a cosmetic product you create a breeding ground for bacteria. All products with a water content (including hydrosols or aloe-vera juice etc) legally and practically, must contain an anti-microbial preservative.

All manufacturers will endeavour to reassure you of the safe or mild nature of their preservative, however, anti-microbials have to kill cells and are, by nature, harsh.

Parabens have been used for this purpose for many years but in the light of bad press many companies opt for paraben free formulations. The irony is that many of the paraben alternatives have been developed rapidly in response to the media outrage and so these products' long term effects are as yet unknown and could prove worse.



Beauty formulations using water and oil need emulsifier to stabilise the mixture. These emulsifiers are often the cause of skin reactions for consumers with sensitive skin.

Even if you are not sensitive you should worry that the emulsifiers in you moisturiser will cause imbalances in the your skins natural protective lipid barrier, the stratum corneum.  Applying water and emulsifiers will only weaken this structure by dissolving lipids.

The water found in most moisturisers will temporarily plump the skin, often giving impressive instant results, but that water will soon evaporate via the weakened lipid layer and no long term benefit is attained.

The absence of water in oil based moisturiser negates the need for preservatives and emulsifiers.


Water-free Moisturisers by Lyonsleaf

Take a look at our Body Butter and Beauty Balm, Oil based moisturising, nourishing, repair and protection for body and face. You can also use our Beauty Balm as a cleanser using the Oil Cleansing Method - never put soap on your face again.

We also have water-free Calendula Creams. Our Healing Calendula Cream is particularly popular with sufferers of Eczema, Psoriasis and other inflammatory skin conditions as its chemical-free, natural anti-inflammatory formulation is so safe and soothing.



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