Natural Spot Creams

Lyonsleaf 100% natural Zinc and Calendula Cream has received great customer reviews in relation to spots, break-outs and skin prone to acne, but there are other products in the range that are suitable.  

Read our advice below, you can also keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips. Samples are also available as an option on most products.

Creams for skin prone to spots

Zinc Oxide seems to reduce sebum production so can be very helpful as a preventative spot cream if your skin over produces oil leading to pore clogging. The mixture of Calendula and Zinc Oxide is also very soothing and may help naturally calm existing spots too. 

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We also get great reports from customers switching to Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm in place of soap or cleansers. This natural cream often settles skin prone to spots.

Some customers with very mild acne or occasional spots find out original Calendula Cream suitable as a preventative natural spot cream and calming moisturiser. Our Calendula cream is fragranced and whipped to a lighter texture and feels more like a beauty product than the Zinc and Calendula Cream.

Zinc and Calendula Cream
Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream


Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm


Unfragranced Beauty Balm
Oil Cleansing Complete Kit
Flannel Bale

Flannel Bale


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