Natural Moisturisers

Lyonsleaf have moisturisers for face and body that are naturally free of synthetic fragrance and colour. By leaving out the water we avoid the preservatives and emulsifiers too. Our products are all made from natural oils and waxes, mineral ingredients, home grown herbs and nothing else. We disclose a full list of ingredients for every product.

When you start to understand skin function, you'll see why a natural water-free moisturiser will always give you better moisturisation that lasts all day for hydrated, plumped and consequently, more youthful looking skin. 

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balms can also be used as cleansers using the oil cleansing method (also known as hot cloth cleansing).

You can keyword search customer reviews for first hand tips. Samples are also available as an option on most products.

Calendula and Marshmallow Balm
Calendula Cream

Calendula Cream


Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm


Unfragranced Beauty Balm
Calendula Hand Rescue Kit
Oil Cleansing Complete Kit
Natural Body Butter
Try Oil Cleansing kit
Natural Skincare Solution 02
Natural Skincare Solution 03
Skin Saviour Super Set