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Beauty balm
" Brought this out of curiosity I never really expected the balm to be as good as it is wow 100% natural is incredible I use the hot cloth method and asa moisturiser my skin is in amazing condition I'm 49 and still get the occasional breakouts this balm has remarkabley stopped them in there tracks No more high end over the counter expensive products for me anymore even my h ... "
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Natural Beauty Facts

Does Lyonsleaf only use natural ingredients?

Yes, Lyonsleaf only uses 100% natural ingredients in all its formulations. For a complete list of all our ingredients and their benefits, click here.


Are Lyonsleaf products organic?

We are 100% natural, but not 100% organic. We choose organic ingredients when we feel the benefits justify the extra cost, for example crops that are subject to heavy use of pesticides. We always choose cold-pressed oils to avoid the solvents used in refining, which destroy many therapeutic properties - we feel these solvents are more dangerous than the trace contaminates found in non-organically produced crops. This common sense approach enables us deliver the purest skin care at the best price. For more information on natural and organic ingredients, see our Organic Vs Natural page.


Why don’t Lyonsleaf products contain water?

When you put water into a cosmetic product you create a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, all products containing water (including hydrosols, aloe-vera juice, etc) legally and practically must contain an anti-microbial preservative. All manufacturers will endeavour to reassure you of the safe or mild nature of their preservative, however, anti-microbials have to kill cells and are, by their nature, harsh.

By avoiding the use of water in Lyonsleaf formulations it eliminates the need for any synthetic ingredients, as water-free products don’t require the use of harsh preservatives and emulsifiers. You won’t find a single artificial preservative, colour or fragrance in Lyonsleaf products so you can rest assured that your skin is being treated with the utmost care using 100% natural formulations.


What are the benefits of oil-based beauty products instead of water-based beauty products?

Natural oils are made up of natural fatty acids that repair and strengthen the outer, protective layer of your epidermis, the stratum corneum. This is the very structure that keeps moisture in your skin, and it does so with a lipid-rich cement. The fatty acids in natural oils are the very same elements used by your skin in this cement and they are readily accepted by the skin. They will repair microscopic cracks which allow the excessive moisture loss that leads to dry skin and premature ageing. Cracks also allow invasion by pathogens which leads to spots and infections. Even oily skin can be affected in this way.

Natural oils will not prevent the skin from performing its essential functions like synthetic emollients (made from petrochemicals) will. Natural fatty acids will still let your skin 'breathe' allowing, for example, regulated moisture loss vital for temperature control.

Most mainstream moisturisers use some natural oils (and often some synthetic), but they mix them with water to make a convenient and cheap emulsion.


Is oil-based skincare suitable for oily skin as well as dry skin?

Yes. Products created for oily and acne-prone skin usually strip away the excess sebum that causes problems, but this can make the skin overcompensate and produce more sebum, thereby exacerbating the problem. Therefore, using oil-based skincare can actually solve the problem.


How do I cleanse my skin using the Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm oil-cleansing method?

The method couldn’t be simpler:

Step 1: Warm a dab of product in your hand and gently massage into your face while it is still dry; you should apply it quite liberally. This is very relaxing. It can be nice to linger, so take some time to pamper yourself and unwind (if you have time; this is not obligatory).

Step 2: Remove the balm using a clean flannel soaked in reasonably hot water. Hold the flannel over your skin and let the warmth gently lift the dirty oil and sebum from your pores. It feels amazing and you will be surprised at the amount of dirt that is removed. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times, rinsing the flannel in clean hot water each time.

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