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Natural Body Butter
" This is a wonderful product. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and it is a pleasure to use. I find it takes a minute to sink in but that's not bad at all. I will definitely be reordering this one. I had a bit of a mishap and dropped the pot on the bathroom floor!!! The pot was fine but the lid broke. I phoned and have been sent a new lid. Thank you so much, excellent customer car ... "
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Natural and Organic Skincare

100% Natural and organic skincare

At Lyonsleaf we believe being 100% natural is just as important (if not more) as being organic when it comes to skincare. After all what’s the point of using lovely pure organic ingredients and then adding a harsh chemical to preserve your recipe?

The only way to avoid adding an artificial (anti-microbial) preservative, like parabens, Methylisothiazolinone (MIT) or phenoxyethanol, is to be water-free. That’s because microbes can’t survive without water.

Water-free skincare is not new, (in fact it’s ancient) but because natural oils can be greasy and inconvenient, water-based emulsions have become the norm (of course water is a cheap ingredient too). At Lyonsleaf we have worked hard to create products made with 100% pure plant oils that glide on and absorb beautifully.

Being water-free also means you get 100% natural, active ingredients, bursting with a huge array and quantity of vitamins, minerals, free-radical busting antioxidants and beneficial compounds.

Water-free offers far superior skin hydration and protection by way of improved skin barrier function - natural oils seal in moisture and help the skin keep pathogens out reducing the frequency of spots, infections and inflammation.

We do use a huge amount of organic ingredients, so you could say we make natural and organic skincare. We choose organic, when the benefits justify the cost, (most of our base oils and any crop subject to high levels of pesticide in the final product) This policy allows us to bring incredibly pure skincare at a very affordable price.

Please don't take our word for it - take a look at our amazing customer reviews…

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