Creams for skin prone to lichen sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus Cream

Lyonsleaf products are regulated as cosmetics so we can only recommend you use them to keep normal, healthy skin in good condition. We cannot advocate the use of any of our products as a lichen sclerosus cream. If you suspect you may have lichen sclerosus you should see a doctor. We also recommend becoming ingredient savvy, to help you make good choices whenever applying anything to your skin.

Lyonsleaf products that are rich in calendula may be used to maintain good skin barrier function of healthy skin and to hydrate and protect gently and effectively. Lyonsleaf products are free from preservatives, emulsifiers and all artificial chemicals. We also have a product that contains zinc oxide which is very water repellant and so can be useful as a physical barrier to prevent urine from making contact with skin.

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