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Customer Testimonials

Calendula Cream

" Been using this for a few weeks on very dry flaky itchy skin & it has worked wonders, far better than prescription cream-I will be reordering & would certainly recommend this to anyone with a similar skin problem-thank you Lyonsleaf. "

Calendula Cream

" I have suffered from a really bad sore itchy rash on my ankles and legs for years now, doctors can't tell me what it is but have prescribed many creams for it none of which have ever worked! So I decided to look on line and came across lyonsleaf healing cream, I was a little unsure at first as £14.95 is a lot off money to spend if you have no idea weather the product will work… but I took that chance and my God am I glade I did!!! This cream truly is amazing within the first two days I noticed a difference the itching had stoped the redness had gone and even the scars are going down! All my family have noticed too! I am so so pleased and will definitely be getting my legs out this summer :-) Thanks so much xx "

Calendula Cream

" This was a great product and it really helped to clear redness and inflammation! Almost instant results! Wonderful. "

Calendula Cream

" Purchased this for my Dad who is in his mid 60's and has suffered from Psoriasis most of his life. After a recent operation and subsequent stress, his Psoriasis became quite severe. I would go as far as saying this has worked miracles. After only two applications his Psoriasis dramatically improved-he is delighted. Only needed to use a tiny amount too. An amazing product. Will be ordering lots more for him! "

Customer Service

" Just a quick thank you for the speedy delivery, ordered Boxing Day (Thursday) evening and arrived Saturday!! Put's other companies to shame. As for the products, both smell and feel great but too early to report back on results, but so far so good. "

Calendula Cream

" Back with an update, I would say I suffer from a mild form of eczema on my eyelids and have tried various different methods over the years, more recently Daktacourt as prescribed by the GP. However, wanted to try a more natural product and so far so good. The redness has almost cleared completely after just one week. I would say less is more, as a little goes a long way with the cream and I have already told a friend about it who suffers with psorasis. "

Calendula Cream

" Where to start, this cream is the best I've ever used. Started to use on Tuesday with eczema that was extremely red and by Sunday the same week the eczema has basically disappeared..! Less is more with this product and the scent of it is truly refreshening to other creams I have had to put up with in the past. Thank you lyonsleaf for helping me out with this amazing product! "

Calendula Cream

" I can't believe how good this is. Don't change the recipe! I clean for living, and wasn't always wearing gloves, and this totally cleared up eczema within a week. Make sure I use gloves all time now, but still put on every night. Also use on my face, as dry skin on one side. Amazing cream. Thanks so much! "
Annie E

Calendula Cream

" I don't have terrible eczema but I do get patchy of very dry skin on my face and neck. These have at time got infected and become a real mess. I have tried Aveeno, Diplobase, E45, Dermol and a dozen other moisturisers, steroid creams of varying strengths (some with topical antibiotics in). They all did okay to varying amounts, but my neck and my face still suffered from these horrible red, itchy patches that would not shift. I bought this cream 4 days ago. Already my neck is practically healed. I cannot believe it. Usually (no disrespect intended to anyone here) I don't buy the "natural" type blabber, but this really seems to work. If you have very dry skin areas I cannot recommend this highly enough. "


" I have been battling with dermatitis/psoriasis for about 5 years, seen numerous doctors, specialists, tried many steroids, moisturisers & pharmaceutical products, none of which had a positive effect on my skin. The information you have provided is like nothing I've read on psoriasis before. The doctors don't talk about diet, possible deficiencies, and certainly don't discuss what exactly the skin requires to repair itself. I cannot thank you enough for sparing the time to actually help educate dermatitis sufferers. "

Calendula Cream

" After years of using medicated creams that made my skin worse, I decided to take the '100% natural' approach with this healing cream and I'm so glad to say I haven't had a breakout of eczema since, my dry skin has disappeared, I also suffer from keratosis pilaris and Pityriasis versicolor, and even these have significantly improved. I don't even need to use hydrocortisone any more! I looked forward to using this every day, I usually find skincare a chore, but this was so therapeutic to put on after a bath (particularly after stressful day), the smell is just as amazing as the product itself. It melts into the skin and doesn't leave a greasy film over the skin, which I can't stand! And then leaves a pleasant, subtle scent on the skin. I purchased this in March, which proves how little of this goes a long way, so it's fantastic value for money. I will continue to keep re-purchasing this miracle cream. I cannot thank you enough Lyonsleaf, you are my skin saviours! "

Calendula Cream

" I had breast cancer at 32, and a rather poor reconstruction job decades later. I am now 77. The irradiated skin is cracked and painful and my GP merely advised me not to wear a bra until it healed.. but with no guidance on how to get such a a delicate and awkward area to heal. My daughter came across your product after much research - and found a specialist cancer nurse who recommended this and similar products. And it's excellent. We're both using. It's already working for. We bought a cheaper, big name brand, product but its not a patch on this, many thanks and even more sales... "

Beauty Balm

" Bought this to try as we were going to Lapland for a week and needed to protect our skin from the minus 20 degrees forecasted, little did I know that it would turn me life around and rid me of the troublesome acne I've had for 37 years, within 2 weeks. AMAZING !!!! I will never look back or use anything else, EVER. Thank you so much for returning my confidence, I feel like I'm in my twenties again! "

Natural Body Butter

" This is a wonderful product. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and it is a pleasure to use. I find it takes a minute to sink in but that's not bad at all. I will definitely be reordering this one. I had a bit of a mishap and dropped the pot on the bathroom floor!!! The pot was fine but the lid broke. I phoned and have been sent a new lid. Thank you so much, excellent customer care. "


" I have been using Lyonsleaf calendula cream for some months to deal with perioral dermatitis. It worked wonders and my face is now clear. Next I decided to try the oil cleansing with Beauty Balm, I only wish I had tried it a long time ago, it has my skin looking and feeling better than it has for years. Recently we were going on holiday to Africa, and instead of buying an after sun lotion I decided to take this Body Butter. I am so impressed - the sun usually dries my skin till it flakes, but not this time, a little Body Butter rubbed all over after my shower, and my skin stayed soft and hydrated. Those three little Lyonsleaf pots of goodness are everything I need now, no more over the counter chemical nasties for me ever again. I can't thank Lyonsleaf enough, please never stop producing these magic potions! "

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