Customer Testimonials

Beauty Balm

" Having used Lyonsleaf products for some time, I was keen to try their new Beauty Balm, and I was not disappointed. After following their oil cleansing method for just a few days I realised how dull my complexion had become before starting the regime. Not only does the Beauty Balm make my face feel cleansed and refreshed, my skin also appears to have a natural glow. No tightness or irritation - just a feeling that my skin is thoroughly clean and well-nourished. This, coupled with its exfoliating properties, makes it the ideal product. I follow with just a touch of the Beauty Balm as a moisturiser which is quickly absorbed into my skin. It gives me confidence to know that I am using a product containing only natural ingredients and at a very reasonable price. And now I need just one jar on my shelf rather than lots of different products, as the Beauty Balm meets all my needs. I am now recommending Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm to my friends, as it really is a super product which I am so glad I tried. "

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