Dry Skin

All Lyonsleaf products are suitable for dry skin but those shown below are particularly good. Below is our advice, but you can also keyword search customer reviews for first-hand tips. Samples are also available as an option on most products.

The products containing marshmallow root will soften and very dry or chapped skin, while the Beauty Balms and Body Butter are great for day to day moisturising (Beauty Balms can also be used to cleanse and remove make-up using the oil cleansing method)

Dry skin is caused by moisture being lost through the cracks in the outer layer of the epidermis (trans-epidermal-moisture-loss). Your epidermis will draw more moisture from the dermis below to replace it. If dry skin is left unchecked, eventually the dermis itself will dry out causing the structure of the skin to sag and wrinkle.

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When you repair the outer layer of your skin you seal moisture in. Water is not necessary in a product to do this. Your skin will also draw moisture from the air around it. Humectants in moisturisers also help draw moisture from the air, Lyonsleaf use organic beeswax and shea butter as humectants.

Pure plant oils contain the same fatty acids as the natural oils in your skin and they are the perfect repair solution. Water in the product simply dilutes the lovely oils and that's why Lyonsleaf moisturisers are all 100% undiluted active ingredients that work to moisturise and nourish all skin types including dry skin.

When you start to understand skin function, you'll see why a water-free natural moisturiser will always offer superior skin hydration and protection that lasts all day for plumped, and consequently, more youthful looking skin.

Calendula and Marshmallow Balm
Beauty Balm

Beauty Balm


Unfragranced Beauty Balm
Calendula Hand Rescue Kit
Oil Cleansing Complete Kit
Flannel Bale

Flannel Bale


Premium Muslin Face Cloths
Natural Body Butter
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