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" Bought this to try as we were going to Lapland for a week and needed to protect our skin from the minus 20 degrees forecasted, little did I know that it would turn me life around and rid me of the troublesome acne I've had for 37 years, within 2 weeks. AMAZING !!!! I will never look back or use anything else, EVER. Thank you so much for returning my confidence, I feel like I'm in ... "
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Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml

Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml
Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml
Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml Natural Beauty Balm - Facial Cleansing Balm & Moisturiser 55ml
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Complete Facial Skincare System

Moisturise, cleanse, exfoliate, nourish, repair and protect from one revolutionary little pot.

We have blended 100% Natural oils including Shea Butter, Babassu Oil, Macademia Nut, Jojoba Oils and essential oils with our home grown Calendula to create this Natural Beauty Balm.

Natually free of artificial fragrance and colour, by leaving out the water, we can also avoid all antimicrobial preservatives (like parabens and phenoxyethanol) and emulsifiers, making this product completely free of artificial chemicals and suitable for very sensitive skin.

Water-free also means you get 100% active ingredients bursting with a myriad of vitamins, antioxidants and beneficial compounds to nourish your skin and halt the free-radical damage that causes premature ageing. Because we only use cold pressed, unrefined oils and because we cold blend them, we maximise the beneficial compounds preserved in the final product.

We have chosen rich, yet light oils that are easily absorbed right into the deepest layers of the epidermis. Used correctly (sparingly) you will find this product absorbs remarkably quickly, leaving no greasy residue. And you will find a conveniently small jar lasts a very long time.


Natural Moisturiser

Dry skin is caused when skin barrier fails and excessive moisture escapes. The epidermis dries out, cracks appear, more moisture is lost and a vicious circle ensues. The epidermis keeps drawing moisture from the dermis below, if dry skin is left unchecked the dermis will eventually dry out and sag, causing premature wrinkling.

Applying a water-based moisturiser will initially help as the water in the product temporarily plumps the skin, but that water soon evaporates if skin barrier is not maintained and you have to quickly apply again (sound familiar?)

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm moisturises and protects by repairing and maintaining skin’s barrier function, restoring skin's ability to seal in moisture. Undiluted plant oils contain all the fatty acids required to repair skin barrier, for plumped hydrated skin that lasts all day.

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm is water-free so no need for emulsifiers, which can wreak havoc with your skin's delicate balance by emulsifying those vital natural oils.


Cleansing Balm

The Oil Cleansing Method (or Hot Cloth Cleansing) is based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’. When you try it you’ll see how easily natural plant oils dissolve dirty sebum, grime and make up, even waterproof mascara.

When you cease using soap or cleansers containing detergents on your face, you’ll stop stripping the skin’s natural oils, improve skin barrier function and instantly achieve better skin hydration. That means more youthful, plumped, glowing skin all day long. (For method see directions for use tab)

Many women are amazed at the transformation seen when switching to oil cleansing. If you have dry skin (which many of us do) you will have wrinkles that simply don't need to be there, they really are reversible - and oil cleansing will instantly remove those premature wrinkles.


Spots & Breakouts

Cracks in the your skin's lipid barrier also allow invasion by pathogens, causing spots, fungal or bacterial infections, allergic reactions and flare ups of chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis (this can happen to oily skin too). Repairing and maintaining skin barrier will reduce breakouts and infections in both dry and oily skin.


Moisturiser for Oily Skin

Oily skin has traditionally been treated by stripping excess natural oils, but more and more people with oily skin are realising this can disrupt skin barrier causing breakouts and often makes the skin overcompensate, so it produces more sebum, exacerbating the problem. Regular moisturising with the right natural oils will rebalance the skin and reduce breakouts. We have been very careful to only include non-comedogenic oils in this Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm, this means it wont block pores or cause breakouts. Clary sage and Palmarosa essential oils naturally re-balance sebum production.

If you have oily skin definitely consider trying the Oil Cleansing Method to prevent stripping natural oils when cleansing and help your skin naturally re-balance. If you are not sure, try out our Beauty Balm for just £1.99.


Cell Regeneration

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm contains Calendula home grown on our farm. Calendula has been proven to promote collagen regeneration and speed healing of any minor inflammations. We also make a Calendula Cream which contains a much more potent dose of the herb.


UV Protection

This product does not contain a sunscreen and will not prevent you from burning. However, our blend of tropical oils that have evolved to be extraordinarily sun-stable by way of their high antioxidant content, will boost you skin's natural sun protection systems and reduce long term photo damage by neutralising free radical scavenger cells.

This balm can be used as a base under a mineral sunscreen (the safest and most natural type of sunscreen). Mineral sunscreens can be difficult to use, our beauty balm can be used to lubricate the skin making it easier to apply them evenly. To do this apply beauty balm a little more liberally than you would normally and apply sunscreen quickly afterwards before beauty balm completely absorbs.


Cracked and Chapped Skin

This is a super rich natural beauty balm will tackle problem dry skin, perfect for lips, heels, ankles, knees, elbows.


Optimising purity and value

We insist on 100% natural ingredients never treated with heat or solvents, but not always organic. We carefully choose organic ingredients when the benefits justify the cost. This is a very deliberate decision which enables us deliver the purest skin care at the best price. For further explanation of this see our organic vs natural page.


Each jar sold has a best before date and a batch number. The fragrance in this product comes only from the pure essential oils. There are no artificial colours or chemical preservatives in this product.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans • Not tested on Animals • 100%  Natural

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(95% organic/wild harvest): orbignya oleifera [cold pressed babassu oil]  • butyrospermum parkii [raw organic shea butter] • macadamia ternifolia [organic, cold pressed, macadamia nut oil] • simmondsia chinensis [organic, cold pressed, jojoba oil] • prunus amygdalus dulcis [cold pressed sweet almond oil] • tocopherol [natural vitamin E oil]  • cymbopogon martinii [palmarosa essential oil]• salvia sclarea [clary sage essential oil] • styrax benzoin [benzoin resin] • pogostemon cablin [patchouli essential oil] • rosemarinus officinalis [organic rosemary essential oil] • calendula officinalis • [calendula flower extract] • note: the essential oils naturally contain: citral, geraniol, benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate, farnesol, limonene, linolool

Babassu oil is cold pressed from wild harvest Babassu nuts which naturally fall in the rainforest and are not subject to use of chemicals when growing or in their processing.

As a cleanser:

Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm between your fingers and apply to dry skin, massaging your face thoroughly to lift and dissolve dirt and make-up. Run a flannel under hand-hot water and apply to the face, wiping away all dirt and residue. Repeat if necessary.

As a moisturiser:

Use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. Rub a small amount of Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm between your fingers then apply to your face, massaging in well until it has been absorbed into the skin.

As a treatment balm:

Apply to any dry or cracked areas as required, such as lips, elbows or heels.

• Not suitable for infants under 36 months.
• Not suitable for those with a nut allergy.
• Not suitable for those with a the daisy or aster family, (known as Asteraceae or Compositae or an Sesquiterpene Lactone allergy).
• For external use only - not to be used on mucous membranes or on broken skin.
• If irritation occurs discontinue use.

As with all skin care products test a small area of skin and observe for 24hrs to be sure there is no reaction before applying generally. In the unlikely event that a reaction occurs, you can return the product for a full refund.

This natural butter melts at body temperature which is why it glides on and absorbs so beautifully. For this reason it should be stored under 25°C preferably in a dark place, or at least out of direct sunlight.

This product may melt if shipped to very hot climates, This will not affect the efficacy of the product but it will affect it's texture. The product can be reset by placing in a refrigerator. We cannot replace or refund products that melt during shipping.

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