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Calendula cream
" Finally had a chance to give the Lyons Leaf calendula cream a couple of tests. Dabbed it on a small patch of eczema under the eye. Next morning it was gone. On rare occasions I get a red, itchy, damp rash between the breasts as an allergic reaction to something I eat. Put the calendula cream on it yesterday. Within minutes the strong itchy sensation subsided. Did not ha ... "
Vicky Souter
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Calendula Cream

Calendula has amazing healing and regenerating properties, but calendula creams often contain harsh preservatives to prevent bugs growing in the water content of the cream. These preservatives irritate the delicate skin that the calendula has soothed.

Our revolutionary range of high potency, waterless calendula creams are suitable for body hands and face and are completely free of artificial chemicals. They will soften, hydrate repair and renew like no other cream you have tried, and you'll be amazed how little you need to use.

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